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One step closer…

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Hello all,

Great news today! As you probably know by now, the marriage bill has been passed in the New York state assembly!! This is great news especially for us since we’re based out of New York, but on an even larger scale this means that marriage equality is finally gaining momentum! State by state, this will happen. 

But first the bill has to be passed in the Senate. It’s teetering on the edge now with a tie vote at 31-31. Two Republican Senators have said that they are undecided. We’re on the edge of our seats at the moment waiting for the decision, but hoping that the Senators will heed the wishes of the millions of Americans who are being denied this most basic right, and indeed to heed the will of our forefathers who, first and foremost, wanted to establish a country that allowed freedom to all of its citizens. 

Although we very much understand the religious sensitivities and concerns raised by many opposed groups and individuals, we’re a little concerned at how often that whole “separation of church and state” bit is overlooked by our Senators. The marriage bill even includes ‘protection’ for the clergy and churches who don’t wish to allow gay marriage within their establishments. So everyone should be happy, right? Of course not… Not for now, at least.

But we’re never going to lose hope that maybe one day, everyone will be. We should hope that bill will be passed sooner rather than later since there are thousands lovely gay couples who’ve been waiting their whole lives to do what so many straight couples take for granted. If not today though, we know that this inequality can only go on for so long. Love is too strong for one Senate decision to beat it down. 

We’ll keep you updated and keep our fingers tightly crossed that these Senators have a change of heart SOON! 

<3 HG&Co.

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