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New Jersey Potential #8

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New Jersey Legislatures approved gay marriage rights, giving it the chance to be the eight state with equal marriage rights.  Although Gov. Christie says he will veto the bill, the LGBT community of NJ is still celebrating the historical step taken.  The Huffington Post quoted:

"Steven Goldstein, chairman of the gay rights group Garden State Equality, echoed the speaker’s sentiments.

'Today, the Legislature has brought us to the promised land,” said Goldstein. “We know the governor won't let us enter, but we finally behold the view of our dreams and we will never turn back.'”

Congratulations New Jersey on being one step closer!

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Buddy and Pedro a pair of African penguins at the Toronto zoo will soon be split up to mate with females. Buddy and Pedro perform mating rituals with each other and sleep together every night, but because they are part of an endangered species, the zoo wants to ensure that their genes get passed on by pairing them up with females.

Maybe the zoo should give the baby penguin eggs to Buddy and Pedro to raise since it’s obvious these two don’t want to be separated!

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Facebook Celebrates Spirit Day

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On Thursday, Oct. 20, Facebook embraced the cause and turned to two of its pages purple – Facebook Diversity and Facebook Safety. In honor of Spirit Day, Facebook is encouraging its staff and users to join the movement by coloring their Facebook profile picture purple in support, symbolizing spirit on the rainbow flag.

Facebook has developed new applications aimed to stop digital abuse and support the LGBT community. The social network has compiled a set of safety resources and tools for reporting issues and security infringements. Facebook also joined MTV’s “A Thin Line” anti-abuse campaign as well as several other advocacy organizations in an effort to “effectively address issues faced by the LGBT community.”

Other large companies followed suit, including Yahoo!, AT&T, HP, Comcast and Viacom. Yahoo!, for example, posted pictures of their employees fashioning purple on its blog and the Yahoo Pride Facebook fan page.

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