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Hudson Grove is a leading designer and manufacturer of jewelry specifically created for the LGBT community. We donate a portion of all sales to LGBT friendly organizations.

Unlike straight “right-thinking” and some gays who would prefer that one conveys an image of “self-clean”. I will not cease to repeat: being gay is the best school of tolerance. We are all “bears”, “queers”, “transgender”, “crazy”, “twinks”, “bodybuildered”, “leather”, ”S & M“… and in personally, I’m glad that our Gay Pride reflect that.

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La Sentinelle Gay

So tell me everyone…

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How do you feel about Pride Parades? We recently received a question about them and we tried to answer it to the best of our ability, but we thought we’d open the floor to see what you think since we can’t speak for everyone. Whatever your opinions are, we’re open to hearing them.

Do you like pride parades? Do you think pride parades are an important part of the LGBTQ community or, do they reinforce stereotypes? How do you feel about some of the more outlandish aspects of the parade— Is it all in good fun or does it alienate people? Have you ever attended a parade? How was it?

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