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Hudson Grove is a leading designer and manufacturer of jewelry specifically created for the LGBT community. We donate a portion of all sales to LGBT friendly organizations.

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prunelle said: Prunelle will divulge an utterly romantic Transatlantic love story soon. But do tell, why the name? Everything is in the "we" does this mean there are more than one? If so, who are you wonderful people?

An excellent question! We were wondering when someone would ask it. :) We run a jewelry company that specializes in producing commitment rings for the LGBTQ community. You can check it out at A portion of the profits we make go to support various LGBTQ organizations across the United States. We thought it would be only fitting if we adopted the same name, Hudson Grove & Co., for this blog because we’re quite fond of the formality and the name is also fairly non-gendered and all encompassing.

There are indeed more than one of us. We thought it wouldn’t be fitting to give this blog a singular voice. That would imply that messages of love and support belong to the few, when in fact they are attributed to many people in many places at different times. We are made up of people from several varied walks of life. Some men, some women, some whose gender identity does not define who they are as people. We are made up of straight people, gay people, lesbians and queers abound the spectrum. We figured, it was less important who we are, and more important what you have to say about your experience. This blog is not about us. This blog is about love, in it’s many permutations and environments.

The love that two men can show their adopted child. The love that two women can commit to each other every day of their lives, whether or not the state approves.  The love that a mother can show her gay son as he comes out for the first time. The love that a friend can show another friend who is struggling with his or her sexuality. The love that almost every religion promotes that so many people actively overlook in their day to day judgements. 

You may have noticed that we often tend to open the floor by asking questions for others to answer. We’re seeking to use this blog as an open floor and a platform for people to express themselves in a non-judgemental environment. We, ourselves, have already been overcome by the loveliness that surrounds all the responses this blog has received. It makes us believe that, yes, there is a need for such an open platform in the world. Our focus is often on the LGBTQ community because this kind of love has been so routinely and traditionally ignored by mainstream society that it requires more exposure and encouragement in order to thrive. We want to allow people the opportunity to talk about their relationships beyond the social and political implications they might pose.

Yes, that’s all part of it, but what we find most touching is the stories that make all of our lives worth living: a glance across a room that sparks a romance, a hand upon a hand, a shoulder to cry on when no one else around, a lone voice of support in a world weary with injustice… These are the stories of love. It has been said before, but it should be said again, and again, and again until kingdom come. Love can and will conquer all. Don’t lose heart.

Thank-you again for your question. We eagerly await your own story. 

With Love,

<3 HG&Co. 

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