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Republican Senator Greg Ball Turning to Social Media to Decide His Vote

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Republican Senator Greg Ball is turning to Facebook and Twitter to let Americans have a say in swaying his vote on gay marriage! You can tweet at him to vote YES on Marriage Equality @ball4ny.

Or ‘Like’ his Facebook page and leave a comment urging the Senator to vote YES!!

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On Twitter, the feedback is overwhelmingly in favor of a yes vote on the bill, which has yet to be formally introduced by the state senate’s GOP leadership. On Ball’s Facebook page, where users are generally less anonymous and more tend to be residents of his Hudson Valley district, response is more mixed, with Ball estimating a 50-50 split.

And in Ball’s district office, he said, calls and letters are running about 60-40 in favor of a no vote.

In the 62-member GOP-controlled state senate, 29 Democrats and two Republicans have pledged to support the bill. It is seen as not likely that Republican leadership will allow the chamber to vote on the bill if only one more Republican votes yes, thus a scramble is on to secure at least two more GOP votes for the bill, sources told POLITICO Monday.”

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